Organizational Intelligence, Knowledge Management, or Whatever….

Thought I might take a minute and relay a recent fantastic client meeting.  (All my clients are fantastic of course, but sometimes our interactions are so great…I have to share!).

In a recent conversation with my client (A CEO of a small company), we chatted about business fundamentals.  Sure I discussed all the recent advances in organizational learning, knowledge management, business intelligence (us and them stuff)…but we were left without a connection to the heart of his problem.

He told me, “Look – I have to make important decisions.  I need the right information to make the best decisions for MY clients”.  He continued, “I am overwhelmed with the BS of day-to-day, drive-by actions and reports…NONE of which tell me what I want to know.”

“I have decisions I have to make TODAY and I don’t have time to study this to death.”

Ok – put away all the fancy consulting speak. Out came the markers and paper…..I listened intently and captured his thoughts.  He didn’t know all the jargon of the knowledge/intelligence industry.  My client was quick to point that the latest “terms” were unimportant.  We could agree that it WAS important that he have processes and policies in place to enable his business to know how to find, assess, use and store RELEVANT information.

He wanted a way to know that his team was getting the very best information. He further acknowledged that his team (located in multiple geographic areas) had to be able to collaborate in open and closed media to advance their own knowledge.  At the end of the meeting, he said yes to installing a new approach to research, analysis and collaboration.

The approach was simple, rational and sound.  A strategy and implementation plan based in the fundamental principles of communication, enabled by some really cool technology.  NO fancy talk.  NO confounding crazy tools/gadgetry.

No need to get hi-tech…sometimes we get where we need to go with scratching it out on a piece of paper.  A few (not all) of the sketches from the meeting I posted here to share (please respect the CC license).




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3 thoughts on “Organizational Intelligence, Knowledge Management, or Whatever….

  1. Intellectual Juggernaut says:

    Michelle, great post! Getting the right information to the person who needs to make important decisions is difficult when you don’t understand what right looks like. The fact that your client’s employees are overwhelming him with “drive-by actions and reports” would suggest that they don’t understand what he needs in order to make decisions. He probably needs to define his information requirements more clearly.

  2. Founder and CEO of Zofia Consulting says:

    Exactly my Juggernaut friend! We definitely installed an improved internal communications approach supporting the overall strategy of the company. Hey, we are all inundated with information -and in no way can we read/comprehend it all. Zofia reinforced that the team needed to proactively target the needed information and take charge of what was coming in to lessen the unnecessary noise slowing the pace of business. The risk is that the decision makers might miss that wonderful piece of data – but when you are overwhelmed…that risk easily is exponentially higher. Solid strategy…Clear requirements…Driven team working in a collaborative environment…..helps in nearly every case! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Clint says:

    I’ve learned (in my past life that is, not now) that the right people are also key. This person sounds like a senior leader which means his time would be better spent leading more than trying to fish through this information he needs in order to lead. Developing a strong team with people that not only understand what he needs, but also understand what is critical, important, needed and “BS” or noise. Sadly I see this alot in my current job, too many people wanting to get in front of senior leaders with noise they have tried to massage into needed or even critical information.

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