Happy First Birthday to the Innovative Solutions Consortium!

Zofia Consulting is a proud member of the Innovative Solutions Consortium (ISC)! We joined in June 2012 and our CEO was so excited by the idea of the ISC- she joined the executive committee to participate more fully in this powerful alliance!

The purpose of the ISC is to combine the talents of  companies with a shared vision to develop solutions to our Government’s toughest security challenges.  How can we do this? By creating an unprecedented collaborative framework leveraging the talents of our partners! Our platform is built in a “cloud”, joined by collaborative tools like Rofori, to allow for cross industry sharing and innovation of the latest and greatest security technologies – encryption, big data analytics, semantic search, integrated IT solutions, and much more.

If one big brain is great on a problem, then what would happen if we pulled together a diverse set of talent and attacked our nation’s toughest security problems together – in a new way – breaking all the rules of how business has always been done.

(We have a few projects going on now – and we will write more about those as they unfold. )

The ISC also works to create new and different networking options so these great companies can meet/greet and build their network of trust.  Just a few days ago, the ISC hosted an evening event at the Congressional Country Club where Glenfiddich came by to do a single-malt scotch tasting. The ISC received a fantastic bit of history on the Club as the OSS used the facility as its initial training grounds.  The ISC also brought in an awe-inspiring combat historian named Patrick O’Donnell to share his recent adventures and to sign his latest book – Dog Company.    (Great gift idea!)

Adding to the evening was the ISC’s deep appreciation for one of their ISC Associate Members – the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins University.  It isn’t enough that the ISC gathers to explore new technologies, solve hard problems and network like crazy…they like to do it for a good cause.  In this case – all proceeds of the night went to the Packard Center.

This is just one event of many throughout this past year.  Last night we had the chance to honor the growth and accomplishments of the ISC as they marked their first anniversary.

Last night, we listened and participated in topics concerning innovation in government. Special guests included former the former Chief Scientist of the CIA, Chief innovation officers from industry, a renowned Professor from Georgetown University, CIO of DISA and more!

The ISC also discussed their delivery of a white paper to the the Congressional Commission for Review of Research and Development Programs of the Intelligence Community.  The paper details new ways for government to look at public-private partnerships with groups like the ISC to advance innovation and solutions for security challenges. It is, after all, what the ISC was built for!

Then we all gathered and celebrated our partnerships, our friendships and our commitment to tackling our Nation’s hardest security challenges.

If you missed the event last night, or the previous networking events, don’t worry – you can catch the next ISC summit in January! Details are on their websiteHint: If you are a member of the ISC – you get to participate in these events for free!

Happy Birthday ISC! 2013 will prove to be your best year yet!

-Zofia Consulting