WANTED: Innovative New Technologies to Help Loudoun County Public Schools

WANTED: Innovative New Technologies to Help Loudoun County Public Schools
You can make a positive impact on students and educators by applying to demonstrate your technology to 1000’s (stakeholders & potential customers/partners).

Apply to participate in the Loudoun County Public Schools Challenge —> http://www.isc-connect.org/click.ashx?esi=179&emi=20195&url=http://www.isc-connect.org/lcps-public/application-instructions

This unique first of its kind in the nation Challenge will be looking for solutions in:

  • Security (physical and cyber)
  • Administrative Decision Support Systems
  • Development of a 21st Century Classroom
  • Technology and Tools to Support Education Solutions

The list of VIPs from the Commonwealth of VA (state and local)and other Government leaders is growing every day. 

We are expecting 1000+ attendees from industry, government, and schools to join us on Oct. 22nd, along with national media coverage.

If you think you have a solution to one or more of these hard-to-solve problems, fill out the Application Form NOW!

Industry Finalists must have their submissions in by AUGUST 21st to be considered!

Finalists selected for Live demonstrations and awards will be announced September 10th.


Next Collaboration Session is July 20th at Mason Enterprise Center, RSVP to michelle.chance@isc-mail.org

The LCPS Challenge has been formally endorsed by:

  • Loudoun County Public Schools
  • Loudoun County Government

Publicly supported by:

  • Commonwealth of VA Government Personnel
  • U.S. Government Agency Leaders