Wisdom (Zofia) is the comprehension of what is true

coupled with optimum judgment as to action.


Zofia Consulting started as a simple belief that decision makers and organizations not only want to know better, they want to do better – and they want to know the impact of those actions.

All leaders share one critical need – solid planning based on accurate, reliable information.  We recruit and employ expert consultants with “in the field” experience so you can be assured you are getting practical knowledge that actually helps your organization attain and sustain mission success.

  • Intelligent Operations: The Zofia Team ensures our solutions cover the gaps and consider diverse perspectives from thought leaders in the fields of non-profits, law, information technology, cyber security, business, international development, and government.
  • Objective Analysis: The Zofia Team provides targeted and objective insights for an exclusive clientele with specialized strategy products that are accurate, relevant and current in context of broad factors: crises, physical/cyber threats, legislative & compliance issues, economic dynamism, technology, and more.
  • Strategy: Be prepared! Strategy is best purposed when it drives competitive business and government decisions – not used as a reaction to poor planning and unforeseen events. We ensure your agency/organization is best prepared to properly make decisions.  Zofia ensures your team operates with high efficiency, improving collaboration, while using the highest quality assessments available.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Our experts are senior and globally experienced figures from all walks of life – major business and industrial sectors, finance, law, government, NGOs, technology – and all regions of the world. We value diversity of experience and thought to provide the most thorough and objective products.
  • Trust: Zofia ensures our clients are well-informed about areas under their responsibility, with reasoned and sound analysis, in keeping with client and public trust.



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