Corporate Threat and Security – An Intro

  Increased interest in holistic corporate security from our clients has inspired us to take our show again on the road! Our clients are tired of the piecemeal approach to business operations, cybersecurity, compliance, hiring, training, etc. They want a comprehensive "playbook" for integrating appropriate measures into day-to-day functions and operations. We are traveling to provide tailored executive … Continue reading Corporate Threat and Security – An Intro

Relationship of Behavior to Security

ZOFIA AND PREDICTIVE INDEX Zofia Consulting is a Predictive Index (PI) Certified Partner. Over the last couple of decades, personality-based assessment usage has grown dramatically to determine  “fit” for an organization and assist with understanding team dynamics and potential business security vulnerabilities and threats. Today, 60% of employees and candidates are asked to take workplace assessments. … Continue reading Relationship of Behavior to Security