Ms. Michelle Farr, CEO of Zofia Consulting, LLC 


As head of Zofia Consulting, Michelle Farr set out to separate Zofia from the typical consulting firm.  Ms. Farr started Zofia on a simple belief that decision makers and organizations not only want to know better, they want to do better – and they want to know the impact of those actions!

Strategist with 25 years of experience in military, government, nonprofit and private sector environments shaping national programs and public policy development. A “big-picture” thinker with expertise in distilling complex programs into prioritized objectives, identifying common ground in groups and rallying support for key objectives.

Ms. Farr is a US Navy Veteran (LCDR) and former government senior executive with experience spanning multiple national agencies: ODNI, DHS, CIA, NSA, DIA and FBI including extensive travel to Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.  She  supports a number of efforts in government and industry including program management, public policy, intelligence and security operations, competitive intelligence, organizational development, and strategic planning.

Ms. Farr previously served as the Deputy for TSA’s Office of Intelligence that produced actionable all-source analysis in support of TSA’s 50,000 person workforce and U.S. and foreign transportation industries.  Prior to TSA, Ms. Farr served as the Senior HUMINT Advisor to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence where she provided substantive counsel on homeland security, law enforcement/domestic security missions. She served as the primary advisor for policy, planning, intelligence integration and strategic outreach for HUMINT and law enforcement matters. Ms. Farr earned a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the University of Colorado and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas A&M University.  She completed graduate work in Information Systems and Telecommunications from Johns Hopkins University. Ms. Farr sits on multiple boards and committees in both the commercial and nonprofit space.

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