Risk Culture and Security

Objective Assessments.

Personality-based, or behavioral, assessments help reduce the subjectivity involved when employers only use interview techniques. An accurate personality-based assessment can provide objective insights into key personality traits intrinsically related to workplace dynamics and performance. The insights help key talent functions avoid mistakes related to bias, politics, “gut decisions,” and chance. These types of errors can produce a litany of organizational issues that can devastate business results and compromise security and performance.

Professional Behaviors

Relationship of Behavior and Culture to Security

Zofia Consulting, working with our 42 Group, leverages taxonomies, psychological profiling, real-time data, and machine learning combined with decision support systems to identify threats to client assets and resources. This unique combination of factors assists our clients in evaluating weaknesses in their systems and also opportunities for engagement and risk mitigation.

Zofia Consulting assists organizations determine insider risk by connecting human capital and workplace culture to employer security risk vulnerability by tracking the extent of risk inherent in employees’ behaviors and developing ways to mitigate this factor and build a “cyber smart” and “security focused” workforce.

Zofia Consulting, LLC’s Risk Culture Assessment results provide a picture of an organization’s internal risk culture, with a particular focus on where the company might be most vulnerable to employee-driven security incidents. Zofia Consulting leverages taxonomies, psychological profiling, and real-time data with decision support systems to identify threats to client assets and resources. This unique combination of factors assists in evaluating weaknesses in systems and also opportunities for engagement and risk mitigation. These results allow senior leadership to take decisive action to create solutions, including cultural changes, and talent and reward interventions, to mitigate cyber risks and security threats.

When you use assessments, everyone wins.

When used correctly, behavioral assessments lead to better hires and higher levels of performance, job satisfaction, improved security, morale, and long-term staff retention.* Understanding the elements of behavior, knowledge, skills, talents and beliefs is the core of a stronger, effective, and more productive organization

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Zofia Consulting’s Senior Advisor and Forensic Psychologist: Brett J. Bell, Psy.D.

Since completing his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, Brett has committed the last 10 years mastering the art and science of psychological assessment. Early in his professional career, Brett focused his efforts and expertise in the forensic setting, conducting countless psychological assessments in various areas of pertinent to the criminal justice system. In the last 5 years, Brett has shifted his focus to the business sector. Using his expertise in human behavior and psychological assessment, Brett is now helping clients minimize employee attrition and increase retention by improving the talent selection process in organizations. By merging his in-depth understanding of individual, interpersonal and group psychology with his experience in a broad range of business settings, Brett is able to effectively partner with clients in identifying candidates who will best contribute and thrive in their organizations while dynamically guiding their leaders and teams toward more effective performance. 

Given his training and clinical background, Brett has developed considerable expertise in the interpretation of a wide variety of psychometric tools, and effectively applies this valuable skill across the human-resources spectrum. Applications include executive assessment, employee selection, employee onboarding, management readiness, high potential identification, leadership development, succession planning, organizational DNA and dynamic team building. 

Headquartered in the Philadelphia area, Brett serves clients across the country in a wide variety of industries  – from automotive, private equity, hospitality, and manufacturing to healthcare. 

To learn more about how behavioral models can assist in your organizational security – please read the latest INSA report on “Assessing the Mind of the Malicious Insider”

*Zofia Consulting may use a variety of skills and behavioral assessments to more fully refine findings. We work with you to determine the best course of action to get your team to its optimal state.