Suzanne McDermott: “Global Branding on Ice”

disneyoniceWe have all seen the tragic mistakes made by corporate cultural blunders in their attempt to market globally. These failures could have been prevented with proper research, insight, and experience.  Products and services, no matter how fabulous and wanted, will never transcend local culture(s).  To be successful in a new territory means having a keen understanding of local traditions, ideology, dominant philosophies, languages, politics, and more.  Create corporate success by using intelligence to drive your organizational decisions.  That is our Philo-Zofia

Our own Suzanne McDermott writes about “Global Branding on Ice.” When creative assets leave US air space – Suzanne notes how important it is to ensure you know your audience and understand the local domains where you intend to operate.

“When you’re marketing a global brand, you need to be on your toes—especially when you’re promoting Disney On Ice. Produced by Feld Entertainment, the visual tour below gives you a sense of how our original materials migrated as the show made its way around the world. I’ve always been fascinating by what happens when creative assets leave US air space. Beginning with the key art, I hope you enjoy seeing how the work evolved from the US to Australia to several Asian markets.” -Read the rest at

Suzanne McDermottSuzanne is Zofia’s Senior Creative Services Advisor.  With over 20 years of global experience, her creative voice helps our clients envision success in new markets and with new resources. Learn more about Suzanne and our other advisors here.

Meeting Senator Murkowski on Innovation and Collaboration

MurkowskiToday I had the pleasure of meeting Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).  The 45-minute meeting was brought together by the Packard Center for ALS Research. Our goal was simply to highlight the recent partnership of the Innovative Solutions Consortium and the Packard Center – which we termed “collaborative businessSenator Lisa Murkowski meets collaborative science”.  In this fiscally constrained environment, innovation in science and industry is challenged to fund new ideas to tackle hard problems.  Our approach is simple – two heads are better than one…and four are better than two.

The more collaboration we can encourage and incentivize – the more apt we will be to answer challenges in national security and in science.  One area of interest shared by the Senator, the ISC, and the Packard Center (and yours truly) – is to advance research in neurodegenerative diseases and reveal prospects for new therapies.

I believe that the power of collaboration across industry and science – with the backing of Congressional leaders – will pave the way for answers to our wicked problems.  Every 90 minutes, someone in the United States is diagnosed with ALS.  ALS is one challenge most deserving of our immediate collective attention. Helping form these new powerful communities and bringing them to action on a shared mission is indeed a privilege.

-Michelle Farr

CEO, Zofia Consulting, LLC