Suzanne McDermott: “Global Branding on Ice”

We have all seen the tragic mistakes made by corporate cultural blunders in their attempt to market globally. These failures could have been prevented with proper research, insight, and experience.  Products and services, no matter how fabulous and wanted, will never transcend local culture(s).  To be successful in a new territory means having a keen … Continue reading Suzanne McDermott: “Global Branding on Ice”

Meeting Senator Murkowski on Innovation and Collaboration

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).  The 45-minute meeting was brought together by the Packard Center for ALS Research. Our goal was simply to highlight the recent partnership of the Innovative Solutions Consortium and the Packard Center - which we termed "collaborative business meets collaborative science".  In this fiscally constrained … Continue reading Meeting Senator Murkowski on Innovation and Collaboration